What do you mean by Coder?

A coder is an individual who writes programs on computer to execute.

Mission Statement

Coder is the Brahma of technology.

Why Brahma of Technology ?

According to ancient Hindu mythology, Brahma is referred as the creator who wrote Vedas which is considered as most sacred scriptures that laid the foundation for way of life.

Our mission statement is an inspiration derived from this core definition of Brahma with respect to ancient mythology.

Every line of code is written with passion & diligence by a Coder, giving life to a piece of software that contributes to the revolutionary process in technological advancement.

Coder Rocks !

Our shared values:

  • Share the knowledge. Learn from the community.
  • Quality of knowledge matters.
  • Mastering and sharing experience through blogs, examples & use cases.
  • Diverse programming skills, everyone and anyone.
  • Digital archive of knowledge base.
  • Quality resources & references.
  • Motivation in a right direction for a right reason.
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